rachel dicus

My name is Rachel i am 32 years old, I have never been married or have any kiddos but i do have a serious boyfriend, Kevin he has two adorable little boys of his own. Together we have two dogs and four hermit crabs. I have been working promos as well as selling raffle tickets for another company for five years. It is time for a change, I have been approached several times by event attendees recruiting me to your company. Since then it has been on my mind and now i am ready to take the leap. I have worked hundreds of events from sampling, conventions, private parties you name it i have done it, but my main job has been selling raffle tickets for conservation chapters as well as charity events. I love the job and i strive to raise my sales every year and be as involved in the organization as if i was on the committee. Not only have i been a raffle girl but i also was a flight attendant for American Airlines for three years, last February i decided to resign. Due to COVID i was furloughed for a while, after we were brought back to fly again and they displaced me from DFW to Boston.  After months of commuting Kevin and i decided to start a hotshot/ transportation company which led me to eventually resign from American. During the three years of flying i still worked banquets in between, ever since i started i haven’t stopped. It is something i enjoy and seeing the reaction when prizes and guns are won is priceless. Seeing others enjoying the environment brings me happiness as if i have excelled in doing what i was brought there to do. Its not about making money and jetting out. its about the moments and the foundation of friends you make and see year after year. People always remember experiences, i go above and beyond to make sure they have the best experience possible so i am not forgettable. That is a little about me and my background and i would love the opportunity to be apart of your team.


  • Rachel


Dallas/Fort Worth


5' 2"







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