Maria Flores

Hi I’m a 26 year old mother to 2 beautiful girls. I use to work at a feed store meaning a small business that mostly sells products for all types of animals. I really loved working there because I’m a big animal lover. After some years i got a job as a retail associate at DD’s Discounts. I loved it there as well, my coworkers were amazing people. My managers were the best. They immediately saw the potential I had by promoting me after 6 months there but unfortunately turned it down because at the time I was not available to work the times required for the position. My customers were awesome. I had regulars who would come in and ask for me to be able to help them find items they were looking for. I left due to complications with my pregnancy at the time. I’m very friendly and outgoing, love sparking conversations with strangers.




5' 0"




Dark Brown


Dark brown

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