Jennifer Tosa

Hello! I’m a fun an energetic person by nature and believe a smile can brighten up anyone’s day. I recently made a huge career change by leaving my full-time military type job to start a career in Real Estate Investments.  As for hobbies, I’m into fitness and healthy living.  I started weightlifting eight years ago and fell in love with it.  I also enjoy mixology, learning how to make great cocktails is fun and entertaining.

Additionally, I have been a promotion model for over a year with a different company, and really enjoy all aspects of the job, especially the people.  There’s something about connecting with people in a simple way that that makes my heart happy.  I enjoy sharing product knowledge and even sharing tips and ideas on what the product can be used for.  Based on experience, customers like recommendations on how to use the product, and most often plays a factor in their decision to purchase.  Overall promoting is a fun job, and I highly enjoy it.

Note: Current TABC


San Antonio


5' 5"







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