Angela Staab


My name is Angela and I originally come from a military family, but am currently based outside of San Antonio.  I worked for the military for almost ten years, and currently work in construction.  I am in the blue-collar industry now and it is very fulfilling and love the people that I have had the privilege of working with.  I love to hunt, fish, and build things on the side.  I make home decor and rustic/western furniture, in addition to renovating my house which I am currently doing.  I have been to a number of ya’ll’s events, and spoke to a one of the ladies this last year that gave me the name of the company and told me to make a profile, so here I am!  I love to travel and meet new people, and am a very social outgoing individual, which I attribute to my military upbringing.  I love being active and outdoors and am looking for a new opportunity, and hope to hear from you soon!  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration – any questions, please ask!


San Antonio


5' 0"






Blue green

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